Video Interview: National Parks Project

The National Parks Project is a great hybrid between the music we love and the places we so rarely get to see. For this piece I interviewed several directors, producers and a musician who were all directly involved. For more information about the project, visit the official website. Much thanks to Kendra Hart for shooting… Continue reading Video Interview: National Parks Project

Video Interview: Black Lips

I did a print piece not long ago about Black Lips detailing how to use a human skull as a reverberation chamber. This video is from the same interview and is equally entertaining. Be sure to check out the band's upcoming album Arabia Mountain when it comes out on June 7 via Vice. Thanks to… Continue reading Video Interview: Black Lips

Video Interview: Phosphorescent

Matthew Houck, aka Phosphorescent, put out his fifth studio album entitled Here's To Taking It Easy last year, but is still touring in support of it. For our interview we talk about what releasing music is like in the digital age and although he has toyed with the idea of releasing individual songs, he's still… Continue reading Video Interview: Phosphorescent

Video Interview: The Go! Team

I interviewed The Go! Team's Ian Parton and Ninja outside The Opera House hours before their show and they essentially told me that after the current tour the band is breaking up. It was a little sad to hear as they've made some great tunes since forming in the late '90s/early 2000s. Their latest album… Continue reading Video Interview: The Go! Team

Video: Musicounts gives grants to six Toronto schools

Six Toronto schools were awarded grants for $10,000 to help their music programs. I covered this event for AUX Weekly, which acknowledged the sponsors and the students from each of the schools. It also featured a performance by pop singer Fefe Dobson. Thanks to Rick Thompson for shooting the event and Tristan Moran for editing… Continue reading Video: Musicounts gives grants to six Toronto schools

Video: Ultimate MC Rap Battle in Toronto

I've never been to a rap battle before and it would be a stretch to say I've even attended an actual hip-hop concert so doing this event coverage for AUX Weekly was quite an experience. This was the first battle of four set to take place across Canada with a cash prize and record deal… Continue reading Video: Ultimate MC Rap Battle in Toronto

Video Interview: Telekinesis

Telekinesis has just released a new record called 12 Desperate Straight Lines and I interviewed them for AUX Weekly while they were here in Toronto a few weeks ago. We managed to film some of their in-store performance at Sonic Boom before chatting with members Michael Lerner, Jason Narducy and Cody Votolato about the new… Continue reading Video Interview: Telekinesis