Video: Ultimate MC Rap Battle in Toronto

I’ve never been to a rap battle before and it would be a stretch to say I’ve even attended an actual hip-hop concert so doing this event coverage for AUX Weekly was quite an experience.

This was the first battle of four set to take place across Canada with a cash prize and record deal awarded to the eventual winner. After the first battle round I was literally amazed at how talented the people are that do this. It pleases me to know such talent like this exists and it has given me a much different perspective of rap/hip-hop music.

Thanks to Tristan Moran for shooting and Kendra Hart for editing the interview. Watch it on AUX.

Video Interview: Telekinesis

Telekinesis has just released a new record called 12 Desperate Straight Lines and I interviewed them for AUX Weekly while they were here in Toronto a few weeks ago. We managed to film some of their in-store performance at Sonic Boom before chatting with members Michael Lerner, Jason Narducy and Cody Votolato about the new album and some of its themes.

Thanks to Kendra Hart for shooting and editing the final package of the interview. Watch it on AUX.