Untouched Sounds – Episode 5

Andy Smith (drums) and Carmen Elle (vocals, guitar) make up Toronto based band Army Girls who released an EP called ‘Close to the Bone’ in the fall of 2011. They like playing for their friends, sweating their ass off on stage and Motown Records, among other things.

Untouched Sounds is a Toronto-based web series documenting new and exciting music acts.

Video Interview: Warped Tour 2011

I covered Warped Tour when it passed through Toronto last month for AUX. Although many of the bands/artists performing are not what I’d normally listen to, it was still interesting to meet and chat with them as well as those who travel with the tour as vendors like Jac Vanek or non-profit movements such as To Write Love on Her Arms.

Thanks to Clem Lush and Brendon Timmings for shooting and coordinating the interviews.

Video: Ultimate MC Rap Battle in Toronto

I’ve never been to a rap battle before and it would be a stretch to say I’ve even attended an actual hip-hop concert so doing this event coverage for AUX Weekly was quite an experience.

This was the first battle of four set to take place across Canada with a cash prize and record deal awarded to the eventual winner. After the first battle round I was literally amazed at how talented the people are that do this. It pleases me to know such talent like this exists and it has given me a much different perspective of rap/hip-hop music.

Thanks to Tristan Moran for shooting and Kendra Hart for editing the interview. Watch it on AUX.