Wearing a cardigan and other style choices in Fort McMurray

If there's one thing that apparently stands out in the northern Alberta city of Fort McMurray, it's a navy blue cardigan. The old man/woman looking type. Something that's not sold in the Mark's Work Warehouse or any of the shops in Peter Pond Mall like Volcom or Supreme Apparel. In a sea of tight t-shirts,… Continue reading Wearing a cardigan and other style choices in Fort McMurray

ACL surgery and life with a perennially swollen knee

I heard a crack when I landed on my left leg. A few seconds went by and then the pain kicked in. I struggled like when you're about to run out of air underwater. It was bad. This had never happened before. Injuries were sustained in the past, but never like this. A type that… Continue reading ACL surgery and life with a perennially swollen knee

Go to Yellowknife, find your soul

For a place that's so close to Edmonton (hour and 45 plane ride), it's strange how few have visited the city of Yellowknife in our Northwest Territories, the place to find your soul. The Background I was told this might happen before I left by a buddeh and therefore needed little encouragement. A good dose of… Continue reading Go to Yellowknife, find your soul

Just breathe, and get the hell back in the water

JAWS is one of the most terrifying horror movies in history and what makes it so scary, besides changing the way humans view sharks and, I like to think, sharks view humans, is that for the majority of the film you don't see the shark. The first attacks reveal little about the supposedly ruthless fish… Continue reading Just breathe, and get the hell back in the water

Where were you when you were s***?

I should get chided for doing this at such an opportune time as two of the professional sports teams I support are in the negatives. Regardless, the last few months, which have been difficult to bear, reminded me of what is commonly shouted, not chanted, at Chelsea Football Club supporters by opposing fans: "Where were you… Continue reading Where were you when you were s***?

The greatest to come out of Scotland since Glasgow Celtic

Bad news. Carey Lander, the keyboardist of one of my favourite bands, Camera Obscura, died last month from bone cancer. The band cancelled its last tour and there is no word whether it will continue. We may have lost one of the greatest things to come out of Scotland since Glasgow Celtic. Before she died Carey set… Continue reading The greatest to come out of Scotland since Glasgow Celtic

The QE2 Code

To be on the safe side, I googled the QE2 Code, the Queen Elizabeth Highway 2 Code and the Alberta Highway 2 Code and didn't find anything so I hope I'm not stepping on somebody's toes with this. Sometimes referred to as the QE2, Alberta's Highway 2 stretches from north of Edmonton to south of… Continue reading The QE2 Code

Column: Moving lock, stock and barrel

- published in the St. Paul Journal on July 3, 2012 After over six months of rodeos, town and county meetings, a provincial election, high school sports games, cups of coffee from McDonalds and Tim Hortons, one week without said drink, and a baby of the month story, I have officially moved on. The move… Continue reading Column: Moving lock, stock and barrel