Column: Why the Euro Cup matters to Canadians

The 2012 Euro Cup soccer tournament, which is being held in Poland and Ukraine, has just about finished a week and a half of play and though it is a European country exclusive event, the major sporting spectacle has relevance to Canadians in more ways than one. First off, as you may have observed while… Continue reading Column: Why the Euro Cup matters to Canadians

Column: Canadians living through the first ‘Maple Spring’

The student strike in Quebec over the proposed tuition hikes by Premier Jean Charest and the Liberal government has entered its 14th week, and since the mayhem began, we have seen students clash with police, public property vandalized, smoke bombs set off and plastic baton rounds, or rubber bullets, fired at protestors. There’s no keeping… Continue reading Column: Canadians living through the first ‘Maple Spring’

Column: Married to the game

If there’s one thing the playoffs for any sport reveals to us, it’s this: the amount of passion and emotion running through athletes’ bodies can be paramount, sometimes even reducing them to tears. Whether they’re tears of sadness or joy, the power sport holds among individuals is a feeling only they can describe and for… Continue reading Column: Married to the game

Column: Stop. Think. Then Tweet

For provincial Wildrose candidate Danielle Smith, it was a cheap shot. For incumbent Premier Alison Redford, it was an embarrassing moment in her push to get re-elected. And for executive assistant Amanda Wilkie, it was her last act on behalf of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party. I’m talking about what has been dubbed ‘the tweet heard… Continue reading Column: Stop. Think. Then Tweet

Column: Something Leafs and Oilers fans have in common

When I first arrived in Alberta before the new year began, one of the things I noticed on the way back to my sister’s place from the Edmonton airport was a bumper sticker on the car ahead of me. It said ‘You’re in oil country’ and had the Edmonton Oilers hockey team logo. I certainly… Continue reading Column: Something Leafs and Oilers fans have in common

Column: Have fun, stay single

Like many people, I grew up with the idea of someday getting married, starting a family and then gradually getting old alongside work and a couple family vacations to Cape Cod or Disney World. Maybe even taking a few more trips to some exotic places with the misses when we eventually sold the farm, metaphorically… Continue reading Column: Have fun, stay single

Column: The two easiest apartment moves of my life

Published in The St. Paul Journal on Jan. 31, 2012 Moving stinks, plain and simple. The act of packing up all of the things you have, and usually forgot you had, tends to be tedious at best. Sure, everyone tries to make it better with a good batch of songs or even a companion to… Continue reading Column: The two easiest apartment moves of my life