The QE2 Code

To be on the safe side, I googled the QE2 Code, the Queen Elizabeth Highway 2 Code and the Alberta Highway 2 Code and didn't find anything so I hope I'm not stepping on somebody's toes with this. Sometimes referred to as the QE2, Alberta's Highway 2 stretches from north of Edmonton to south of… Continue reading The QE2 Code

Column: Moving lock, stock and barrel

- published in the St. Paul Journal on July 3, 2012 After over six months of rodeos, town and county meetings, a provincial election, high school sports games, cups of coffee from McDonalds and Tim Hortons, one week without said drink, and a baby of the month story, I have officially moved on. The move… Continue reading Column: Moving lock, stock and barrel

Column: Why the Euro Cup matters to Canadians

The 2012 Euro Cup soccer tournament, which is being held in Poland and Ukraine, has just about finished a week and a half of play and though it is a European country exclusive event, the major sporting spectacle has relevance to Canadians in more ways than one. First off, as you may have observed while… Continue reading Column: Why the Euro Cup matters to Canadians

Column: Canadians living through the first ‘Maple Spring’

The student strike in Quebec over the proposed tuition hikes by Premier Jean Charest and the Liberal government has entered its 14th week, and since the mayhem began, we have seen students clash with police, public property vandalized, smoke bombs set off and plastic baton rounds, or rubber bullets, fired at protestors. There’s no keeping… Continue reading Column: Canadians living through the first ‘Maple Spring’

Column: Married to the game

If there’s one thing the playoffs for any sport reveals to us, it’s this: the amount of passion and emotion running through athletes’ bodies can be paramount, sometimes even reducing them to tears. Whether they’re tears of sadness or joy, the power sport holds among individuals is a feeling only they can describe and for… Continue reading Column: Married to the game