Video Interview: Edmonton Folk Festival

I didn't think twice when I was asked to cover the Edmonton Folk Festival earlier this month. Although this wasn't my first time in Edmonton - I had spent a summer there a year ago working - it was my first experience with the festival itself and I would certainly return given the chance. For… Continue reading Video Interview: Edmonton Folk Festival

Video Interview: Warped Tour 2011

I covered Warped Tour when it passed through Toronto last month for AUX. Although many of the bands/artists performing are not what I'd normally listen to, it was still interesting to meet and chat with them as well as those who travel with the tour as vendors like Jac Vanek or non-profit movements such as… Continue reading Video Interview: Warped Tour 2011

Video Interview: Glasvegas

Scottish band Glasvegas has just put out a new album called Euphoric Heartbreak and I interviewed them when they stopped in Toronto during their North American tour in support of it. Guitarist Rab Allen is by far the tallest Scottish person I've met and along with bassist Paul Donoghue, the band was a pleasure to… Continue reading Video Interview: Glasvegas

Arctic Monkeys’ top 5 stage walk-out songs

Arctic Monkeys have been a bit creative with the songs they take the stage to so when I interviewed them for AUX Weekly, I requested a top five list of their all-time favorite tracks to walk-out to. The songs they named off were a bit surprising, but hilarious. Just think of waiting for the Monkeys… Continue reading Arctic Monkeys’ top 5 stage walk-out songs

Magneta Lane Pay Tribute to Their Mexican Roots With New Spanish EP

This was my second time interviewing Magneta Lane (the last time was about a year ago while I was still an intern at AUX) in which they revealed details of an new EP of songs they recorded in Spanish. They also told me details regarding their forthcoming album they are currently working on with some… Continue reading Magneta Lane Pay Tribute to Their Mexican Roots With New Spanish EP

Yael Naim on the Apple Ad That Kick-Started Her Career as the ‘Israeli Feist’

I interviewed Israeli singer-songwriter Yael Naim while she was here in Toronto a little while ago promoting her latest album She Was a Boy. She spoke to me about her beginnings in music and growing up in Israel where she felt a little closed off from the world. Naim also commented on the Macbook Air… Continue reading Yael Naim on the Apple Ad That Kick-Started Her Career as the ‘Israeli Feist’

Video Interview: National Parks Project

The National Parks Project is a great hybrid between the music we love and the places we so rarely get to see. For this piece I interviewed several directors, producers and a musician who were all directly involved. For more information about the project, visit the official website. Much thanks to Kendra Hart for shooting… Continue reading Video Interview: National Parks Project

Video Interview: Black Lips

I did a print piece not long ago about Black Lips detailing how to use a human skull as a reverberation chamber. This video is from the same interview and is equally entertaining. Be sure to check out the band's upcoming album Arabia Mountain when it comes out on June 7 via Vice. Thanks to… Continue reading Video Interview: Black Lips