Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines crucial for St. Paul, say local leaders

Whether they agree or disagree on the specifics, the proposed Northern Gateway and Keystone XL pipelines are important for St. Paul, according to local and provincial leaders. The Keystone XL, an over 2,500 km pipeline running from the Athabasca oilsands to Texas, and Northern Gateway, a 1,177 km pipeline from Brudeheim, Alberta, to Kitimat, B.C.,… Continue reading Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipelines crucial for St. Paul, say local leaders

Untouched Sounds – Episode 5

Andy Smith (drums) and Carmen Elle (vocals, guitar) make up Toronto based band Army Girls who released an EP called 'Close to the Bone' in the fall of 2011. They like playing for their friends, sweating their ass off on stage and Motown Records, among other things. Untouched Sounds is a Toronto-based web series documenting… Continue reading Untouched Sounds – Episode 5

Untouched Sounds – Episode 4

Singer/songwriter Samantha Savage Smith discusses the breakout year she had in 2011 after touring and releasing her debut LP ‘Tough Cookie’ (Arts & Crafts) while never losing sight of her hometown. Untouched Sounds is a Toronto-based web series documenting new and exciting music acts.

Toronto gets its Irish up

The auditorium at the Ontario Institute For Studies in Education (OISE) in Toronto was filled with Irish nationalism on Saturday. Posters with photos of men and women such as Michael Collins, an Irish revolutionary leader and Bobby Sands, a hunger striker who was elected into the British government in the 1980s, were spread, among other… Continue reading Toronto gets its Irish up

Video Interview: Edmonton Folk Festival

I didn't think twice when I was asked to cover the Edmonton Folk Festival earlier this month. Although this wasn't my first time in Edmonton - I had spent a summer there a year ago working - it was my first experience with the festival itself and I would certainly return given the chance. For… Continue reading Video Interview: Edmonton Folk Festival

Video Interview: Warped Tour 2011

I covered Warped Tour when it passed through Toronto last month for AUX. Although many of the bands/artists performing are not what I'd normally listen to, it was still interesting to meet and chat with them as well as those who travel with the tour as vendors like Jac Vanek or non-profit movements such as… Continue reading Video Interview: Warped Tour 2011

Video Interview: Glasvegas

Scottish band Glasvegas has just put out a new album called Euphoric Heartbreak and I interviewed them when they stopped in Toronto during their North American tour in support of it. Guitarist Rab Allen is by far the tallest Scottish person I've met and along with bassist Paul Donoghue, the band was a pleasure to… Continue reading Video Interview: Glasvegas