‘Stellar’ evening for Mayor’s Spotlight on the Arts

The Community Public Art Committee in Canmore has managed to top itself yet again. Last Friday (Sept. 28) the group, along with Mayor John Borrownman, hosted the annual Mayor’s Spotlight on the Arts, which celebrates and honours those who have contributed to the arts in the community with an evening of song, dance, visual art… Continue reading ‘Stellar’ evening for Mayor’s Spotlight on the Arts

Fuel cells to change the future of the energy industry

The world is moving to a lower carbon footprint and Canadians can expect to see significant changes to the energy industry and development of natural resources over the next 10 to 30 years. Speaking to a packed room at Silvertip Golf Course on Sept. 13, Guy Turcotte, chairman, president and CEO of Stone Creek Resorts,… Continue reading Fuel cells to change the future of the energy industry

More transparency for Alberta’s governing bodies

The provincial government is making strides to be more transparent in how its politicians are spending taxpayer dollars in hopes of influencing municipal members to do the same. In Canmore, however, that has already begun with the detailed online publication of the contract given to the Town’s chief administrative officer, Lisa de Soto, after she… Continue reading More transparency for Alberta’s governing bodies

Tougher penalties in place for drinking and driving

Impaired driving is often cited as the largest single criminal cause of death in Canada and tougher penalties introduced by Alberta Transportation aim to curb that, however, the legislation has its fair share of critics. On Sept. 1, the second stage of the modification surrounding Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act laws came into effect – which… Continue reading Tougher penalties in place for drinking and driving

No cap set on licences for taxi companies

Canmore council has decided to maintain the taxi bylaw in its current form and not put a cap on the number of future cab businesses it issues licences to. A motion by Mayor John Borrowman to maintain the status quo passed unanimously among council at its meeting on Tuesday (Sept. 18) following a request from… Continue reading No cap set on licences for taxi companies

Black bear moved out of the valley

A black bear spotted in multiple backyards near Elk Run Boulevard last weekend has been relocated out of the valley after it was tranquilized by Fish and Wildlife officers. Around 16 calls were received on Saturday (Sept. 15) of a bear, which was brown in colour and originally mistaken as a grizzly, seen roaming backyards… Continue reading Black bear moved out of the valley