Who’s afraid of the dentist?

There is the Joker, Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Darth Vader, but do you recall one of the most underrated and unthought-of villains of them all?

Wolf ‘the dentist’ Stansson, coach of the Vikings from Iceland in Disney’s hockey flick D2: The Mighty Ducks, is a true villain who’s malice and grimness is ever present from the moment he is first seen bursting in on a Team U.S.A press conference.

In the movie Stansson is played by Carsten Norgaard, a native of Denmark. His performance was seen as a breakout role by the media which led to a reference in a New York Times article.

Carsten Norgaard as Wolf Stansson
Carsten Norgaard as Wolf Stansson

The Hollywood Reporter also had this to say about Norgaard’s portrayal.

“Carsten Norgaard is terrific as the arch-villain, the black suited, slick-haired Icelandic coach.”

Jet black hair and shiny dark suits was just the artillery of Stansson’s mean repertoire.

Throughout the film Stansson is shown as a very dark character with a low raspy European accent. He never stutters, and remains candid in his speech, even offering some stiff words to the mighty duck man himself. See it here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5bFGcGuamY

Yet this is no surprise from the type of background Stansson brings to the table.

According to the movie, and the very wise ducks captain Charlie Conway, Stansson played one year of professional hockey before leaving, or being kicked out of, and allegedly punched his own coach. He then turned his sights on coaching young Icelandic players who were bigger, faster, stronger and had more facial hair than the puny mighty ducks.

In the end, a ‘knuckle puck’ by a street kid from South Central, Los Angeles, and a glove save by a cold goaltender foil Stansson’s and team Iceland’s dream of winning the goodwill games hockey tournament. Like you weren’t surprised?

Since playing ‘the dentist’ Norgaard has acted in several Hollywood movies such as Alien v.s Predator, Gods & Generals and Soldier. He was also featured in The Spartans which received an official selection at the Sundance Film Festival. Currently, Norgaard is acting in a German cop show called Tatort. More info about the actor can be found at his official website here.

Despite the loss, Norgaard’s performance and furthermore the legend of Wolf Stansson will live on as friends of old re-unite to watch this memorable character talk tough, squash beach balls, take cheap shots, and enunciate some of the greatest movie quotes of all time.