Spray Lakes Road safer says Alberta Transportation

Following a safety review conducted last year, Alberta Transportation is confident the appropriate measures are now in place to reduce the risk of accidents and collisions on Spray Lakes Road.

On Dec. 30, 2010, three people died when the driver of an SUV lost control of a vehicle that rolled into Goat Pond, which is on the “unimproved” section of Spray Lakes Road.

The tragic accident triggered a full review of the road to address concerns regarding its safety and suggested improvements to reduce collisions. Since then, signage improvements and barriers along some sections of the road have been installed. Read the full story at the Rocky Mountain Outlook.

Locals have their say in ‘big ride’

Despite a power outage, heavy traffic and a course change at the last moment, the overall impression both local residents and businesses owners delivered about the inaugural RBC GranFondo Banff event last weekend was positive.

On Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 28), organizers of the “big ride” held a public debriefing to hear feedback about the first GranFondo Canada event held solely within a national park.

Prior to the ride taking place, several environmental concerns were raised about the impact on wildlife as the planned 142-kilometre course ventured along roads typically inhabited by bears at this time of year. Read the full story at the Rocky Mountain Outlook.