6 Canadian Bands to Take Your Mom to See

*Written and published for AUX

For some, having our mom’s accompany us somewhere public in our younger years was terribly embarrassing. The thought of what others might say at recess the next day usually ended up being worse than expected. From pleading with them to stop the car down the street from where you were going or begging to be let alone to collect Halloween candy, moms just have that insatiable desire to make us sweat, or was it just their unconditional love and means to keep us out of trouble? Either way, it’s time to say thanks for the memories and make her feel hip again so we’ve compiled a list of bands to bring her to see.

Cuff the Duke – Heartfelt, twangy and at several points during their live sets, all out rock and roll, Cuff the Duke will be touring this month and next across Ontario in support of last year’s Way Down Here.

Hey Rosetta! – The Six piece band from St. John’s are known for their live shows where they incorporate piano, cello and violin in with their guitars, bass and drums. Hey Rosetta! released their second album, Into Your Lungs, in 2008 and will play at this years SXSW festival.

Jets Overhead – After the release of their sophomore album, No Nations, Jets Overhead are performing this month during Canadian Music Week. An excellent blend of alternative rock and ambient tunes makes them a great choice for you and your mom to grove out to.

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Describing themselves as playing indie-rock folk songs, The Rural Alberta Advantage have one upcoming gig at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto before heading down south to play SXSW. Lead singer Nils Edenloff emulates Neural Milk Hotel’s Jeff Magnum and while your mom might be unfamiliar with the early 90s band, the Toronto act still deliver upbeat rock songs and every now and then throw in a slow tune to keep things in check.

Rufus Wainwright – Although born in the U.S, Rufus Wainwright is a Canadian citizen, which makes him suitable for this list. Whichever nationality he favours, Wainwright’s sweet vocals and piano playing can be enjoyed by everyone, especially moms.

Two Hours Traffic – Based out of Charlottetown, P.E.I. and citing Nick Lowe as in influence, Two Hours Traffic deliver an energetic set of pop songs that can make anyone smile. The quartet released their third album Territory last year and will be playing Canadian Music Week before making several other stops around Ontario.

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