Want some bucks? Find the duck

It might seem a little odd to travel the world three times in search of a stuffed bird that has been extinct for over 100 years. It might also seem strange to offer $10,000 to whoever finds the next stuffed specimen. But Canadian ornithologist Dr. Glen Chilton, who attended Sunday’s first-ever viewing of the Royal… Continue reading Want some bucks? Find the duck

All in the family at Butcher Shop

-taken from The East Toronto Observer Pape Village Meat and Deli shop owner Pavlo Tzompras remembers a time when his father would take him to work. “I was always there, was always watching,” Tzompras said. “It is always a privilege for when you are a young kid for your father to take you to work.”… Continue reading All in the family at Butcher Shop

New magazine ON the DANFORTH

-taken from the East Toronto Observer Inside the Myth Restaurant and Lounge on Danforth Avenue, students, teachers, family and friends have gathered together to welcome spring — and summer. The weather outside isn’t quite conducive, but the front cover of the new spring and summer issues of On the Danforth magazine reflect change and new… Continue reading New magazine ON the DANFORTH